Welcome to Adelaide!

Adelaide prides itself on providing a warm, caring environment together with quality learning experiences and a team of experienced, qualified educators. Adelaide has all the indoor and outdoor resources that young minds and bodies need – from play equipment and toys to books and gardens. It all adds up to a rich learning environment.

Adelaide has a maximum roll of 35 children per day, so there is one staff member for every six children. Such a low ratio ensures there are always enough teachers to provide quality learning experiences that suit each child’s stage of development. It also enables activities such as trips into the community.

We are a parent cooperative

That means Adelaide is not run for profit and parents are involved in the governance and management of the centre. A New Zealand Council for Educational Research concluded that parent cooperatives like Adelaide deliver a higher quality of early childhood education than privately-owned centres.

For further information about the Adelaide experience and our great teaching team, contact the centre to arrange a visit.

A bit of our history

The Adelaide childcare centre, which is now known as Adelaide Early Childhood Centre, was conceived from a playgroup meeting at an inner city Hall.

After receiving enquires from whanau wanting childcare to allow them to work and a need to support unmarried mothers and solo parents who needed childcare so they could work, a core group of motivated parents and former primary teachers set up the centre in June 1973 in a building at 97 Adelaide Road. With no direct government assistance all costs including salaries had to be met by the centre and its funds.

As a community based, parent co-op the whanau involvement was the crucial factor in establishing the centre. Through obtaining support from friends, local businesses, and after much lobbying and struggle the group was able to purchase the premises at 28 Colombo Street with a 2/3 capitation subsidy from the Dept. of Social Welfare, $7000 from the Wellington City Council and $2000 from fund raising. The mayor of Wellington, Mr. M Fowler, officially opened the centre on the 14th October, 1978.

This was a fantastic achievement and was the beginning of recognition by local and central government of early childhood education and care. Adelaide is now one of the oldest centres of it type in Wellington.

ERO report

You can find a copy of our latest ERO report on the ERO website.

Our staff

All Adelaide teachers:
have an excellent sense of funrespect the role of Te Tiriti o Waitangi in Aotearoacelebrate and appreciate diversityunderstand the importance and value of warm, reciprocal and respectful relationships with each other, tamariki and whanau.


Emma is our inspirational Team Leader. Having previously been Head Teacher at our sister centre Play Space, Emma has a wealth of knowledge, experience and enthusiasm.
She is an engaging and respectful early childhood teacher, who’s calm and welcoming vibe draws children to her.
Emma is a strong advocate for ECE and a dedicated and passionate member of the Adelaide whānau.


Clare is a creative genius who’s artistic eye and sewing skills strongly contribute to Adelaide’s awesome look and vibe. After many years of being Adelaide’s number one reliever, Clare is currently working towards being a fully qualified and fully amazing teacher. Clare is a positive and engaging teacher who is always up for a dance. She is also all about health and safety, which is lucky, as she is our Health and Safety officer.


Jen has been part of the Adelaide whanau for many years.
Jen is an energetic, entertaining and passionate teacher who children are drawn to.
She uses humour excellently in her teaching and has a very positive approach to her teaching.
She is highly skilled at documenting and assessing children's learning through learning stories and forms strong relationships with both tamariki and their whānau.


Josie is currently away from Adelaide on parental leave enjoying time with her second child! She is a passionate early childhood teacher with endless patience and a very reflective mind who is always looking to refine and improve her teaching.


Katie is a long time member of the Adelaide teaching team. She has recently returned from maternity leave so even though she is joining us part time, she is full time awesome. Katie is a creative teacher with an eye for detail and she has very strong relationships with tamariki and whānau. She is also an Adelaide parent with Emmy Sue joining in on the Adelaide fun. Ka rawe!!!


Mel is the Assistant Team Leader at Adelaide and helps ensure the Adelaide ship is sailing smoothly at all times!! She steps confidently into the team leaders shoes in Emma’s absence and has a positive and collaborative approach to leadership. Mel is a passionate and dedicated teacher who thinks deeply about her teaching and the learning happening for tamariki. She writes amazing stories about our tamariki, that capture the essence of them and their learning.


Sal is a vibrant, positive, engaging and articulate teacher who does lots of things very very well!! Her teaching is based around the rich and authentic relationships she forms with all tamariki.
Te Reo and tikanga are woven through her practice, as is singing, guitar playing and the best laugh at Adelaide.
Sal can inspire learning in one child or the whole group of 35 and she creates learning experiences that are stimulating and valuable.
She is a confident and capable leader who assists in ensuring Adelaide is moving in the right direction!


Tom brings unparalleled fun and silliness to Adelaide and has a teaching style which is underpinned by collaboration, respect and a genuine love of teaching and learning. He has rich conversations with children and asks questions which inspire deep thinking and reflection. He’s also just really good at making people laugh. As an accomplished musician, Tom can also use singing, guitaring, or other instrumenting to support and encourage learning all over Adelaide.


Via has effectively grown up at Adelaide so it’s not surprising she is now a brilliant and qualified Early Childhood teacher. Via is an outstanding teacher who has maturity beyond her years and is unflappable no matter what the situation.
She has a keen sense of humour and an innate ability to form genuine and meaningful relationships with a hugely diverse range of children.
A fluent Samoan speaker, a strong te reo speaker and a talented guitarist are just three off the many strings she has as part of her teaching bow. Tu meke!!

Times and fees

Adelaide enrols children aged 2-5 for session options ranging from full-time, full-week to part-time for a few days a week.

If you are interested in enrolling your child, please contact the centre in order to arrange a visit, check the availability of particular sessions and days, and get on our waiting list.

Fees for 2 year olds

days / week Part day (7.45am – 3.15pm)Full day (7.45am – 5.25pm)
1 day$67.50$87.75
2 days$135.00$175.50
3 days$202.50$263.25
4 days$270.00$351.00
5 days$337.50$438.75

Fees for 3 & 4 year olds (with 20 hours ECE funding)

days/weekPart day (7.45am – 3.15pm)Full day (7.45am – 5.25pm)
1 day$15.00$37.50
2 days$30.00$75.00
3 days$45.00$112.50
4 days$100.00$190.00
5 days$175.00$287.50

Late fees

3.15pm pick-up: 3.20pm = $20, and then $10 for every ten minutes late after that.

5.25pm pick-up: 5.30 = $20, then $10 for every ten minutes late after that.

The late fee will be noted on your invoice/statement.

Start time

The sessions at Adelaide start at 7.45am. This allows the teachers to set up for the day and be ready to greet and settle the children. Please do not drop your child/ren off before this time.

Please note these costs may be subject to change.

Interested? Send us a message.


If you would like your child to come to Adelaide, please complete a wait list application and we will get in touch

You can find us at 28 Colombo Street, Newtown.

Or, you can give us a ring on 04 389 8238.

If email is more your thing, info@adelaide.org.nz or using the form below will work too.

Thank you!

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